The British Educational System

In Great Britain children start school the September after reaching the age of 4. The academic school year  runs from  September through to the following July. There are a number of names for the different stages of school for the differing age groups. The following will help you understand some of the differing school titles used in Great Britain

British Pre-Preparatory (Pre-Prep) School

A fee paying school for younger children aged between 4 and 8, which children will attend prior to Preparatory school. 

British Preparatory (Prep) School

A fee paying school for children of the ages 8 to 13. They can be either Day schools, Boarding schools or a mix with an ability to Flexi Board. They are normally focused on preparing the Children for entry into British Senior Boarding Schools or other secondary Independent Schools. The curriculum is normally focused on preparing the children for the ISEB Common Entrance (CE) Exam paper which is taken when the children are in their final year of Preparatory School. This exam is, more often than not, an essential part of their entrance to Senior Boarding school

Preparing for Senior School

  • When your child is 9 or 10 years old parents must start to consider which Senior school you would like to consider, it is a highly competitive process
  • Careful selection and research is essential for the appropriate school and the successful entry for your child. Entry selection is focused on a combination of academic performance, sporting success, musicality, artistic & drama aptitude as well as your child’s attitude and personality. Often you are applying not only to the School, but also to a specific house within the school which may only have 10 places  
  • If you are applying to a British Boarding School you need to know if the Boarding School offers Full Boarding ( 7 days a week) Weekly Boarding (5 or 6 days a week) or Flexible Boarding. Many British Boarding Schools do run Day places, but they are normally extremely limited in number and often require applications to be submitted a year earlier than boarding places

British Senior Independent Schools

A Fee paying Independent day or boarding school that will take children aged between 13 and 18. At 16 your child will sit a combination of G.C.S.E exams over a wide range of subjects. This will then influence a more refined selection that they will study between 16 & 18 which will be a combination of A-levels & As-level exams. There are a number of Senior Independent schools that have switched examination standard to the highly acclaimed International Baccalaureate exam.

British Public School

Contrary to the title, this term refers to the original most established independent schools in Great Britain, as opposed to State schools. This group covers some of the most internationally renowned schools that parents may be aware of including: Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Uppingham, Westminster, Wellington to name a few.

College and University

Attended by children aged 18+ ,they are a  high level educational institution in which students study for degrees, postgraduate degrees and academic research