School Placements

The decision you make selecting a school for your child will carve their future

St James’s Consultants make sure it is the right one. Our Consultants, many of whom are parents themselves, have unparalleled contacts and relationships within the Public School, University and College communities.

Very often the school choice does not come down to simple preference, it must be suitable for your child’s needs and future aspirations. Any person, whether living in the UK or not, has access to the British Independent School System, subject to :

  • Passing the entrance process, perhaps including exam and interview
  • Payment of associated fees
  • Approved visa

Following on from a  St James’s assessment of your  child’s needs and your aspirations, we can recommend a list of schools according to your child’s, abilities and interests.

Our Administration Bureau will then do the rest:

  • Application process and paperwork will be overseen
  • Arrangement of school visits accompanied or unaccompanied, with or without a translator
  • The St James’s team will maintain a close communication with your chosen school to ensure all documentation is completed and entry requirements are met.
  • Our administration bureau will take you through the individual admissions timetables for the schools of your choice.
  • Children applying for specialist scholarships again will be overseen to ensure assessments and interviews are met and assessed work required is understood

At St James’s our experience has shown that a close contact and relationship with your child’s current school is essential to facilitate a successful transition to Boarding School or Private school.  We will ensure that process is continued until full transition is achieved.  A reference will most certainly be required from the current Head of School.