A language course in the country where it’s spoken is a wonderful holiday activity which is a fun, effective, enriching and confidence–boosting experience for a child. With hundreds of offers on the market it is very difficult to decide which one to choose. At St James’s Guardians we will find the one that is perfect for the child and their parents, should they wish to polish their language skills too.

  • For adults a good command of English has become one of the necessary employment requirements. We can help to choose a course for adult learners that is both effective and interesting. Whether it is a general English course or a professionally oriented one, we know where to look.
  • If your child intends to start a boarding school, a summer language course will boost the academic vocabulary, improve writing, speaking and listening skills and to adapt to the different learning and teaching atmosphere.
  • On top of the English classes the holiday courses offer a wide range of activities including sports, ie: tennis, surfing, horse riding, football etc; art, photography, dance and many others.
  • For language teachers we can find a course that will unveil the latest know-hows in teaching of a foreign language and will help to get to know the fellow professors from different countries to share the experience.
  • St James’s team are on hand to assist with accommodation, airport transfers, course enrolment, visa applications and all the support and advice you need before, during and after your trip.

We hand pick courses for our clients; our expert academic and support team provides ongoing support and advice; we assist with accommodation, visas and extras