Educational Guardianship

St James’s Guardians and Handpicked Hosting Families

Why does a parent need an educational guardian?

Parents who are not resident in the United Kingdom, under British law (the Children Acts 1980 & 1989) require an educational guardian for their children being educated in the United Kingdom,

When does a child need an educational Guardian?

Each child receiving full-time education (more than 12 weeks) must have a legally appointed guardian. Without a guardian who can carry out all of the following requirements, it is not possible to educate a child from overseas in British schools.

The legal reasons for this are:

  • The child must have someone aged 25 or over who will bear all responsibility for him/her whilst abroad, and this person must be legally appointed by the parents
  • This guardian has the power to make decisions regarding emergency medical treatment / operations if required
  • The guardian has the duty to represent the interests of the child in the court of England and Wales or the court of Ireland, in the Immigration Offices, police and other legal institutions
  • The guardian will organise a place to live in case of illness, suspension or expulsion from school

In addition to the above legal reasons, St James’s will carry out the following duties connected with the child’s stay at school:

  • To represent the child’s best interests with the school authorities in the case of academic or pastoral problems
  • At the start of the academic year various items must be purchased for the child i.e. school uniform, books and equipment, name tags for clothing, bedding, telephone card
  • Travel arrangements must be made for the child at the start and end of term, for exeat weekends and over half terms
  • To keep records on visa data