UK Education Consultancy

Choosing the right pathway through the British Boarding Education System can be daunting for anyone, let us at St James’s lead you through the Labyrinth and demystify the process all the way from aged 4 to 18 and beyond. Our Team have un-paralleled connections and insight into some of the most prestigious schools in Britain, as well as some of the more specialist and exclusive schools that the British education system has to offer.

We at St James’s are confident that there are no others better positioned to help support your child and your family through your application to a British Private school

 School Placement Assessments 

All children are different and so are all schools, let us take the headache out of selecting the right school for you and your child, be that Prep or Senior School. We have developed an unobtrusive and sensitive approach to engage with both your child and yourselves as parents. As part of the assessment process a member of  our Educational Consulting team will sit down firstly to understand your educational aspirations for your child and will then take your child through a subtle, safe and secure process to evaluate their academic standing, their personal drives and interests as well as all the little things that make your child unique and special. 

Our consulting team will then draw on their extensive experience to identify the right schools to match your child. Unlike many other agencies and consultancies, we at St James’s pride ourselves on being truly independent. All that matters to our team is to find the right school for you and your child. 

Interview Preparation Sessions 

Once you’ve selected your preferred school there will undoubtedly be an interview process with a senior member of staff. Let one of our esteemed Education Consultants, with their in-depth knowledge of the most prestigious of the British private schools,  run a tailored session with your child to ensure they have that extra edge when they attend their interview and are able to show themselves in the best light possible. This includes preparation for Eton and Harrow, for example

Bespoke Consulting Services 

There are many occasions when you simply feel you may need a little extra support, perhaps understanding some of the finer details of school etiquette or language, discussing with school your child’s progress or perhaps just to provide some assurance around your decisions. For example, are you torn between Boarding or Day school routes for your child? How do you ensure they have the best language support possible to help ease them into their new school environment? With any of these questions St James’s Educational consultants can both put your mind at ease, as well as represent your best interests to a school. With no assignment too small or large for our team, we can undoubtedly provide the quality and expertise you need to ensure your child’s experience is all it should be.

Education Pathway Consulting

As your child grows up, our consultants are there to help them through every stage of their educational life and can advise on areas such as GCSE and A-level selection, the benefits of pursuing International Baccalaureate qualifications, right the way through to University Selections. Our Consulting Team can help provide a constant anchor point and source of invaluable advice to support your whole family through your child’s entire educational lifecycle.